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The primary goal of


is to assist women and men in dismantling internal (real or perceived) emotional, spiritual, and/or cultural barriers that may prevent them from pursuing their passions and being their best self.


Utilizing relevant information, essential tools, and tangible steps, I aim to help you achieve your desired personal and professional purpose.


Hourly consultations and memberships are available. Click below to start your journey!


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Dr. S has been a pivotal and instrumental part in my life in the year and a half that I have known her. She has walked with me through many stages of life in such a short time and has been a constant. Her
wisdom in mentorship is unmatched and her ability to plan and execute is the same. I want to thank her for being my sounding board personally, ministerially, and in business.


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Dr Sha-Lai is a true sister in Christ! After God spoke to me about putting on a conference, I was excited and overwhelmed about all the details. I knew Dr. S was doing many things of the sorts so I reached out not really even knowing her too well and asked for her help. She was there. She allowed me to pick her brain with all the questions. She talked to me about layout, format and things I probably wouldn’t have thought about. Not only did she help me in that way but she prayed for me, cheered me on, showed up the day of the conference to serve physically and spiritually! She is all around phenomenal! 


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

I had an exceptional experience working with Dr. Sha-Lai. Her expertise and guidance were instrumental in successfully completing the task at hand. Her insightful advice and prompt communication made the entire process smooth and efficient. I greatly appreciate her dedication and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking professional assistance.


- AM

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