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Are you more of a tablet reader? Well I've got you covered! ARISE Devotional Journals are now available as ebook!  Click below to order your virtual copy today!
52 week:
28 day part 1:
28 day part 2:



Do you desire a closer walk with God through the reading of His Word?

Are you constantly trying to find time to seek God in a sincere way?

Do you feel a hunger and thirst for a greater understanding of God?

Are you open to finding new ways to learn about God's plans for your life?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then ARISE Devotional Journal is for you!  Written with your needs in mind, ARISE seeks to inspire the new believer as well as the seasoned saint to ARISE to their next level in God.

You now have two options to choose from!  If you'd prefer to take a year-long journey, the 52-week devotional is just for you.  If you'd like to spend a month exploring the Word, then pick one of the two 28-day devotionals.  Either journal allows you to maximize your devotion time and encourages a greater understanding of God's Word and His will for your life without overwhelming you or your schedule.  In addition, ARISE Devotional Journal is a perfect companion to your everyday Bible Study.

If you want to see God's power and wisdom manifest in your life, this is your time to ARISE!!


Our sons need to know that there are so many positive attributes that they embody, that they deserve to be called, and that their hearts, minds, and souls desperately need to hear on a consistent basis. They need love letters. A keepsake, a treasure, a breath of fresh air from their parents, their caregivers, their guardians, their loved ones, and ultimately, from their Heavenly Father.

Love Letters to Our Sons: 30 Days of Affirmations for Our Young Boys is exactly the type of encouragement that our sons need to motivate, inspire, and empower them to successfully navigate in today's world.

UPDATE: Folks are raving about Love Letters, so much so that it's not just your young boys anymore! Order your copy for yourself and any person in your life who'd benefit from some much needed affirmation!!

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