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Sha-Lai L. Williams,



AKA Dr. Sha-Lai or Dr. S

Who am I?


Well, I wear a lot of hats!  I'm currently an Associate Professor of Social Work, and have been at the some university for nearly seven years.  I'm also a licensed therapist with nearly 25 years of clinical experience.  I consider myself an inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and passionate and enthusiastic teacher of many topics, including the Word of God.


Motivated and led by Ephesians 4:12, I desire to equip the body of Christ with an excitement and hunger to feast upon the Lord's Word daily in new and practical ways.


I'm always looking for ways to inspire growth and welcome challenge, whether it's for herself or others.  Stay tuned as new and innovative endeavors continue to be birthed.   


You can keep in touch with me on social media or via email.   

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