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Let's build a #BusinessVillage

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One of the driving forces of, and I think truly exciting things about, 

About F.A.C.E. Collaborative, LLC is our desire and intentionality to the establish opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people and businesses that aim to support, encourage, and motivate folks to #BeYourBestYou.


This is where you'll find out more about the various collaborations that About F.A.C.E. Collaborative, LLC is apart of. 


Are you interested in a collab? 

Email me at to talk more!

Bravo Professional Agency

The goal of Bravo Professional Agency is to help business professionals and entrepreneurs make new connections and build their business village through networking, mentoring, training and other events.  It is our hope that, with these connections, they can build upon their current business village as well as cultivate long lasting professional relationships.


Bravo Professional Agency is a collaboration with The Legacy Arena.  This collaboration is a passion project for both of us and we endeavor to motivate both current professionals and entrepreneurs as well as educate young people who may benefit from learning about entering the business world.

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Kindred Connection: Two generations, One purpose

What started out as separate blogs ("A Hopeless Romantic" and "Not Your Typical Love Story") on our respective past relationships has turned into a movement of two black women writers sharing their journey through truth and transparency.  We realized that though we represent different generations age-wise, we are actually more alike than dissimilar.  As we talked about our stories with each other, we thought it would be invaluable to share our experiences with other women who have dealt with, or may be dealing with, or can probably avoid the same pitfalls we encountered.

Join Alleiah Monet and I during weekly FB & IG Lives where we share our stories, answer relevant questions, and talk about whatever else is going on at the time.  If you happen to miss a live, click here to see past discussions.  If you have thoughts or a topic that you'd like us to discuss, please email me at drshalaiwilliams@gmail.comWe'd love to hear from you!!

We've also recently completed a short story entitled "Some Things Take Time".  This five-part series introduces you to Jabari and Rhya as they learn that not everything happens when and how you'd like.  Their stories are told from their respective perspective and you have to visit here and here to get both parts of the story.  Let us know what you think and if you want to read more!

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