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"Not Your Typical Love Story" part 3: Soft Words and Hard Prophecy

Soooo, this post was not a part of the original trilogy; however, there were some questions that arose from part 2 and, as I was planning to address them, I realized this was a good time to discuss another topic that is sometimes overlooked or hard to deal with, even in Christendom, and that is the subject of wise counsel. In particular, a couple of people asked: Was he really “the one"? What actually happened between you guys? Why'd you decide to let him get away? Well, here goes, as I attempt to make it make sense! Question 1: Was he “the one"? Based on how things went down between us, I’d have to say that it appears not. I’m going to combine question 2 "what happened" and question 3 "why'd I let him go" as they kinda fit hand-in-hand. So here's the thing guys, something that many people don’t know is that I received some "soft" words and a "hard" prophecy during the time that I referred to in part 2. These prophetic words served as strong pivotal points in my not-so-typical love story, and I’m interested to see what you think of them (so be sure to comment!). Now you may be wondering, what's a "soft" word?... allow me to explain. When I dated "the one that got away", two different people (both of whom I respected, and both after hearing from the Lord in prayer) gently encouraged me to delay getting married. They suggested that additional time was needed to ensure that we were indeed equally yoked and truly on the same spiritual page. Given that there was a lot of newness on his part and a lot of caution on mine, the idea of waiting resonated with me and made perfect sense. Thus, those "soft" words of wise counsel were readily accepted. Soon afterwards though came the "hard" prophecy. A different person, with a totally different approach, grabbed me in a strong church hug (you know the one) during a church service one Sunday and point blank told me, "do NOT marry that man"! Yall!!!... I’m sure you can’t even imagine my shock and confusion!! Was this person (whom I also respected but honestly kinda questioned their stance on some things) saying to wait, like the others did, or was God legit telling me "no" through this person?? I did the only thing that seemed right at the time... I sought wise counsel, prayed, and fasted! Within that week, I thought I heard the Lord speak but I still wasn't sure so I "fleeced" Him by asking for another sign. Welp, I got it and when I did, I believed it confirmed that I should end my engagement and relationship with my then-fiancé. I not only allowed him to leave my life, but I also released the fantasy of the thought of “the one". In hindsight, I think that's really what I let "get away" because, how many of you know, potential ain't promise? Next week, I'll finish up with part 4.

Be blessed, Dr. S

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