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I started this blog nearly 11 years ago, and at that time, I had a few descriptors that have since changed. For example, I was a PhD student, wife and childless. Now, I'm a single mother and a doctor. Other things like being a daughter, sister, auntie, friend, evangelist, victor, conqueror, overcomer, believer, child of God, joint-heir to the throne, redeemed, sold out and excited to tell everyone about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have remained the same. Another thing that has stayed consistent is my desire to use this devotional blog, as well as my website and every venture that I take, as an encouragement to your soul, that it uplifts you when you may be down, that it challenges you to grow in Christ, and that it serves as an instrument for us to have interactive dialogue about the things of God. Feel free to offer new topics of discussion, share your testimony, and tell others about it. I look forward to hearing from you. My tagline all those years ago (before # was a thing) was "Remember, God has a vision for you...let's find out what it is!". I know that still rings true, and I also hope that you will #BeYourBestYou!! Be blessed, Dr. S     #BeYourBestYou

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