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"Some Things Take Time" part 1: First Sight

His story:

Jabari smiled to himself as he started to walk across campus. First off, not only had he gotten into his number one choice for college, his parents had actually allowed him to come. Being the eldest son of a preacher often meant that he couldn’t do certain things, and Jabari had been certain that his parents would say a resounding “no” to his attending Longville University. Although it was only two hours away, Mr. and Mrs. Patton talked like he was moving to Mars when he’d initially mentioned it to them. When his parents finally agreed, he figured it had something to do with the full academic scholarship he received as well as the nights of prayer and fasting that he’d done. Well, it all was paying off now, he thought when he entered into the all-male freshmen dorm. God sure is good, he mused, humming a little praise break tune in his head. What should I get into now, he wondered. He’d moved in a little earlier in the day and was still trying to get used to this newfound freedom. I think I’ll check out the student center; that always seemed like the cool hangout spot on all the college movies he watched. Getting out his map, Jabari figured he’d take the scenic route to better familiarize himself with the campus. Can’t be late on my first day next week, he surmised, because that would be totally lame. And Jabari had vowed when he became a college man, that lame would never be used to describe him again.

As Jabari passed through the student center, he realized that he had “arrived”, not at the physical location, but more like, found his place in the world. Here he was, among other students, of various ages, races, backgrounds, and more, and he was one of them! Slowly turning around to take a moment to soak it all in, Jabari caught eyes with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. He literally had to remind himself to breathe and to stand up straight, so he wouldn’t fall out in the middle of the cafe. She was stunning, there simply wasn’t any other way to put it. From her natural hairdo, to her African print sundress, to the way she seemed to command the room without even speaking. Jabari knew he had to “shoot his shot”. He did a quick breath check, straightened out his shirt, and started walking towards her at the exact moment that she turned away when her homegirl caught her attention. Dang it, Jabari shouted in his head. Okay, well, I can make two new friends, he reasoned as he again gathered his confidence. “Hi, excuse me, hi, my name’s Jabari. I just started here and wanted to introduce myself,” he gushed with his hand extended. “Ummm ok, what’s up? I’m Kira,” said the friend, eyeing the other girl amused. Smiling, showing the prettiest white teeth, Jabari heard her say, “Hey, I’m Rhya, and we’re juniors. Welcome to the ‘Ville.” Yep, Jabari sighed internally, God sure is good because He just showed me my wife.

Click here to read Rhya's story of what happened at "First Sight".... was it love?!

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