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"Some Things Take Time" part 5: Wanna Try Again?

Her story:

It appeared to be a typical morning for Rhya, as she prepared to make her routine stop at SunDollar’s coffee shop just before heading to work. She felt a nudging that today was going to be a good day, but she couldn’t quite figure out why. After finally ending things with Mel once she found out that he was cheating on her, she had spent the last year and a half doing some heavy reflection. During that time, she had also been promoted to lead marketer and was in the market to buy her first house. She wasn’t quite sure how the whole ‘God’ thing worked, but she felt like another unexpected play was about to be made and that He had something to do with it. As she pulled up to the coffee shop, she decided to park and go inside rather than going through the drive-thru as usual. As she was paying for her order, she heard someone behind her say, “some things never change huh?” The voice sounded a little familiar. She turned around and standing there, looking as good as ever, in a white lab coat, was Jabari. She could hardly get her words out as he laughed and opened his arms to give her a hug. “Wow, it feels like forever. Wait, what are you doing here?!” she questioned. Jabari was in town for a medical conference at one of the neighborhood children’s hospitals. They didn’t have much time to catch up, but agreed to get together for dinner later that night after work. Wow God, You were right, Rhya thought to herself. Today was going to be a good day.

The day couldn’t seem to go by any slower for Rhya, having rushed through all of her emails and creating new assignments for her marketing team. When she finally reached the end of her day, she rushed home to get ready for her date with Jabari. They were meeting at one of her favorite seafood restaurants, so she dressed a little dressier than normal. When she arrived, he was already there waiting for her. Throughout the evening, they talked and laughed as if it had not been over six years since they’d last seen each other. As they ordered dessert, Rhya invited Jabari back to her place so that they could catch up a little more. The night was still a little too young to end just after dinner. When they got back to Rhya’s apartment, they spent the next two hours sitting on her couch, inquiring about each other’s life after graduation and what it could’ve been like had they stayed together. It began to feel like old times when Rhya gave Jabari a subtle, yet passionate look and before you knew it, only their bodies were doing the talking. When they were finished, Jabari quickly began to gather himself. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” “Wait, do what?!” Rhya responded nervously. “I can’t live like this, I’ve come too far to turn away now,” he said. And just that quick, Rhya’s good news was walking out the door. She had too many good things going for herself though to be defeated, and was not going to let this moment slip away. The next day, she did some digging to find out where Jabari lived and decided it was time for her to give this church boy a good try, even if it meant leaving behind the life she had built for herself.

Finish up by reading Jabari's side here and find out why "Some Things Take Time".

Thank you for joining AlleiahMonet and I as we shared this adventure with you. Please subscribe to my website and stay tuned for more blog series and short stories!

Be blessed, Dr. S #BeYourBestYou

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