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"Some Things Take Time" part 2: We Tried It

Her story:

Rhya had just checked her grades online to see how she did on her first major paper of the year. Huh. Not another C, she thought to herself. She had really been giving it her all but this class was getting the best of her. Not certain of which route to take or who she wanted to be and still undecided on a major, Rhya was struggling to get through her electives. She was good at doing hair and thought of maybe one day being an entrepreneur. After failing Econ though, she took a shot at her second love of writing and considered becoming a journalist, but couldn’t seem to impress her communication’s professor. She was not willing to give up though. She picked herself up and proceeded to prepare for the homecoming party that was later that night. She grabbed her phone to text Kira, “Girl, you ready for tonight??! I need a drink, bad!” “I got you, girl. See you in a bit,” she responded. It was half past eight when Kira sashayed into Rhya’s dorm room to walk over to the party. “Is that all you’re wearing?!” Rhya exclaimed when she opened the door to see Kira standing in a black, skin-tight, sleeveless halter dress. “Girl yes, I need to be able to move,” as she stuck out her tongue and pretended to twerk. Rhya shook her head in mild disapproval and laughed, “Girl you are a mess!”

Rhya wasn’t quite as outgoing compared to her girl Kira, but hanging with her brought attention from guys that she believed she would not receive on her own. They took a couple of shots before heading to Burch Hall, where the homecoming party was being held. As they walked in, Rhya decided she needed to run to the bathroom to give herself a quick lookover. Gazing at herself in the mirror, she noted her straightened hair, which well-complemented the royal blue, silk tank top she wore on top of a black metallic mini-skirt. She looked at herself as if she didn’t know who it was looking back at her. She sighed and headed for the door. As Rhya stepped out of the bathroom, she noticed Kira making her way towards Brandon. She took a double take once she noticed who was standing next to him. What is he doing with Brandon? she thought to herself. She walked over to Kira, pretending that she didn’t see Jabari standing there. “Hey, Brandon,” she said softly. “What’s up? Y’all say hi to my homie Jabari.” Rhya felt butterflies the entire night, knowing that someone was watching her. When the party was over, her and Kira were planning to hit up an after party at one of their other friend’s dorm rooms. “Excuse me,” a soft voice said before they hit the door. It was Jabari. They talked for a moment and something about him made her feel comfortable enough to give him her number to call her later. Maybe he isn’t so lame after all, she smiled as she headed out.

Wanna know what Jabari thought? Click here to find out...

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